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Study from the comfort of your home with popular voice teacher and vocalist Danny Richard. Learn how sing at your own pace in your own space.


Danny is going to demystify singing and teach you how your voice works. Then he’ll isolate your issues and empower you to improve your technique and ultimately your voice and performance. Best of all, he’s supportive and positive. I have improved tremendously in a few lessons. Thank God there’s teachers like Danny out there.



About Danny

Popular voice teacher Danny Richard, located in Western Long Island, has been teaching for over twenty five years. Dan has expertise in all genres from rock, pop, musical theatre and jazz to R&B and classical.

In addition to Dan’s credentials as a professional singer, (Dan has been heard numerous times on radio, on tour, and on national television), he holds a B.F.A. in music. Dan has also studied extensively with some of the top teachers, vocal Doctors, and scientists in the country. One of Dan’s fortes is vocal rehabilitation. He has worked with clients from some of the top hospitals for the voice, including Mount Sinai, Weill/Cornell medical center and L.I.J. hospital. Dan also has an extensive background in speech pathology and often works with students on their speaking voices as well as their singing voices.

Dan is an accomplished composer and pianist and personally accompanies his students. Dan has an extensive background in speech and often works with his students on their speaking voices as well as their singing voices.

Singing should be fun” is Dan’s motto and he tries to make each lesson informative, challenging, but also enjoyable.

“You WILL increase your range, power, durability, and joy of singing while virtually ERASING your break…..”Promise!”

Want to practice on the go?

Check out Danny Richard’s Youtube Channel, and Voice Warmup Series for all voices, available on CD or MP3at iTunes or CDBaby.com

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is a lesson?
    Lessons can be a half hour, 45 minutes or an hour.
    How often should I take a lesson?
    Lessons should be taken once a week, ideally. Combine your lesson time with additional home practice, including warmups and songs for a good hour a day five to seven days a week. Although, that second part is up to you!
    What are your fees?
    I prefer to speak to you in person or on the phone to discuss fees. Give me a call at (516)997-8339!
    Can anybody sing?
    I believe that to a degree, anybody can sing. Some people are naturally talented, but most people can learn to sing to a certain degree.
    How long will it take me to become a great singer?
    That depends on how often you come to lessons, and how much time you dedicate to practicing voice at home.
    Do you work with beginners?
    My personal motto is, “I like to work with nice people that want to improve their voices”. I’ve had students on Broadway and international tours, as well as students on major labels. I also teach hobbyists who simply enjoy coming to a lesson, warming up, and singing songs.
    Do you have a specialty genre?
    Yes…everything. I have performed in original rock bands, as well as Blues, reggae, Top Forty, jazz quartet, and presently the Out of the Box Big Band (a 17 piece big band). I also have a background in musical theatre, and I was a wedding and church singer for many years. I teach, Rock, Pop, Musical theatre, jazz, R&B, Classical, Blues, and more.
    Do you have any accreditation?
    Yes. I have a B.F.A. in music, as a voice major and piano minor. I have over thirty years experience as a student of voice. I am a member of New York Singing Teachers Association(NYSTA). Don’t let my words convince you, come in for a lesson and let my teaching convince you.